Tales of a Marketing Adventure (or why I get excited to help businesses grow)

As I perch on the dawn of another chapter for KristinRohan, SassyAssassin and SomethingSweetandSassy, I want to share what REALLY excites me about helping businesses grow.

I’ve been doing A LOT of Marketing and Media (specifically SEO & Social Media for the last 10 years) and started my SassySEO business to offer something different — something strategic, something holistic, something simple, smart and yes, even sassy. Yet I realise I also offer something fun…I want to go on an adventure with my clients and empower, support and celebrate them becoming confident and magnificently successful business women — and connect us all together so we are changing the world.

Marketing is an adventure. if you are not quite ready for the adventure — and stick to the basic tested principles, your growth will only get you so far. If you are up for an adventure — tapping into your passion, your community, and adding something exciting to your business, the possibilities are endless.

My philosophy for marketing…telling stories (on your blog, on your site and social media channels, in your videos, and even with your images!)  to create an experience so your community will share their stories, and you build a bigger community of people who share your passion, your purpose and enjoy being on the journey with you.

Word of mouth marketing is still the strongest way to grow your business. How awesome that social media embraces, enables and empowers this!

Do I still believe and practice SEO and social media? Of course — those the are tactics that enhance the relationships you build and the content you create, that add value and are relevant to your community.

Am I going around in circles? YES — that’s how business works — call it sales, marketing and service; call it the buying / engagement cycle — call it whatever you want but CALL ME if you are want this kind of growth and adventure for your business.

Why am I writing this? I want to be clear about what I offer, what I value and who I can best help.

I love how Seth Godin thinks — he’s one of my mentors (though he doesn’t know it). Here are some excellent posts from him about stories, tribes and marketing.

He gets it. I get it. You can get it, too. I see you nodding your heads when we chat. Now let’s do something about it. Let’s go on an adventure.

Call me on 0458 068 626 (AUS) or 310.292.3026 (USA). You can also email me at Kristin@TheRohans.com. Can’t wait to hear from you…CHEERS!

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