Sassy Assassin Super Power Hour – “PRO EDITION” Track Your Expenses| Kristin Rohan | Episode 3

How have you improved your profitability by being more aware of your expenditures?

Join Judith Love and Kristin Rohan as we discuss how to keep your profitability moving at a Super Power P.A.C.E. This time we talk tracking expenses!


  • Don’t subscribe to EVERY new shiny solution — is that going to solve the real problem / challenge in your business?
  • Ensure you are solving the REAL problem in your business — is the investment / solution authentic to you and your business?
  • If you pass on an opportunity, it will come back again if it’s meant to be!
  • Being authentic is profitable!


  • Write down everything you spend for a week or a month
  • Set a calendar reminder to assess ongoing subscriptions every month — if you aren’t using them, cancel them
  • Wait 48 hours before investing in another subscription
  • Have one money day a month and look at the health and wealth of your profits


Do you want to move your business at a super power P.A.C.E.? Connect with me at or visit…let’s get this party started!


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