Sassy Assassin Super Power Hour #SuperTrouper | Kristin Rohan | Episode 21

How are you lifting others around you? How are you lifting yourself?

Here’s the snack-sized secrets from this episode on YouTube – tips to lift yourself…and others…and more singing!

In this episode of the Sassy Assassin Super Power Hour, Kristin Rohan digs into this by highlighting Cher & Mamma Mia 2…how does she connect them? Listen and catch these takeaways (and more!):

  • Everyone has a back story…understanding and being empathetic may support better connections 
  • People in power want us to fight with each other so we stay busy and out of their way…spend more time on the change you want to see and be
  • Don’t embarrass people…we all want our dignity
  • Appreciate the opportunities you receive, yet what you do with them are YOUR successes…not someone else’s…and by the by, give other people opportunities to succeed
  • Celebrate others’ successes authentically
  • If you are not lifted up by your social media connections…cull, unfollow or hide…use social to build connections and have fun…and don’t compare yourself to anyone else
  • If you can’t lift someone, move out of their way so they can shine, too
  • When you are your most authentic self, your natural creativity blossoms and you follow your destiny…your purpose with passion

PLAYLIST FOR THIS EPISODE…lift yourself with music and surround yourself with inspiration!

AND…for the Grand Finale…


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Little Lily Swing by Tri-Tachyon:…tle_Lily_Swing

License  (song edited for time)

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