Sassy Assassin Super Power Hour #MagicChanges | Kristin Rohan | Episode 22

Do small changes make a difference?

In this episode of the Sassy Assassin Super Power Hour, Kristin Rohan shares what small changes she’s made over the last 10 years (and more specifically what small changes she’s made in the last few months) to transform her life…it sounds fluffy, but it’s actually not TOO fluffy – hah!

A few takeaways:

A small shift can mean anything from a new lipstick colour to make me feel more bold, to reducing my sugar so I’m more energised to super power the “bleep” out of my day.

Aquaman, the movie, really inspired me to fully embrace my super power self for the year – and my theme is “This Is Me” – take it or leave it, my microphone is my main “trident”!

Honourable Mentions to the awesome Small Steppers in my life:

  • Janette Valentino and Denise Byron – they usually make the list, yeah!
  • Jo Robertson
  • Weight Watchers
  • #ProfessorZoom
  • Sid Garza Hillman
  • Sha Na Na – they rule!
  • My gorgeous friend, Michaela

PLAYLIST FOR THIS EPISODE – to inspire and support your small #MagicChanges:

Do you want to move your business or your life (or both!) at a super power P.A.C.E.? Connect with me at kristin@superpowerPACE or visit…let’s get this party started!


Little Lily Swing by Tri-Tachyon:…tle_Lily_Swing

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