Sassy Assassin Super Power Hour #GiveALittleLove | International Womens Day 2019 | Kristin Rohan

Happy International Women’s Day 2019! I love this day and can’t wait to share my stories and song. And the REAL question we answer is…How Is #IWD2019 like Bugsy Malone?

Great question…in this episode I compare #IWD2019 to the musical and movie, Bugsy Malone. It’s been on my mind since the musical is coming to Auckland soon – HUZZAH! And since the theme is #BalanceIsBetter, I thought I’d address what that means to me.

Other Highlights:

  • Give yourself love first and love yourself for your beautiful, authentic #SuperPower self
  • Put jewels in others’ crowns – it lifts us all!
  • Give a hand out and a hand up to everyone
  • Ask for opportunities
  • Watch Bugsy Malone

Episode on Soundcloud:

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Here is the REAL clip from Bugsy Malone – You Give a Little Love. So much better, right? Haha! thought I get props for my fancy uke playing at the end, yes?

Music: Little Lily Swing by Tri-Tachyon

License  (song edited for time)

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