Sassy Assassin Super Power Hour – “PRO EDITION” Is Social Media Wasting Your Time? | Kristin Rohan

Join Kristin Rohan as we discuss how to keep your efficiency moving at a Super Power P.A.C.E. This time we answer the question, “Is Social Media Wasting Your Time?

Is social media growing your business the way you want? If not, you may be wasting some of your precious time doing what you are doing – yet you don’t have to!

Join Kristin Rohan (the Sassy Assassin) from on our 5 day challenge, and she’ll share how social media can grow your business and be a sustainable, authentic and relevant use of your time.

Day 1: What are you doing in Social Media?
Day 2: What’s working?
Day 3: What kind of results do you want – what are you expectations?
Day 4: What are some Social Media myths and trends?
Day 5: What CAN and WILL you do to ensure you aren’t wasting your time on social media, and it’s working for YOUR business?

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SHOUT OUTS – this is my favourite part!

  • Mandi Barton – Strategic Social Media for big brands and all around extraordinaire!

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