Sassy Reviews

“Kristin is an absolute professional. Reliable and valuable.

She went the extra mile so often, at times I felt she had always been a part of our team.

We hired Kristin to help us review where we were from a SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) perspective, and also to help us understand the why and what we needed to do to have gravity in our field. She spent considerable time to understand our business and it was clear that she did by the way she instructed us.

Kristin is certainly not a devious, grey-hat SEO expert. She’s a business woman with great marketing skills who applies integrity to an area which often lacks it.

Her advice was also completely practical. It was specific, clear and actionable.

From a personal service perspective, I can’t talk more highly of Kristin. She was a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

I highly recommend working with, talking to and listening to Kristin.” — Mick Liubinskas, Mr Focus at Muru-D Accelerator, Pollenizer Co-founder, Oomph Director, WooBoard Chairman


“Kristin is a master of her craft! She is an expert in social media and marketing. She is both passionate and compassionate when it comes to her work.    I am so happy we found her for our business.  She has done the market research for our business to show us what our competitors are doing, and then she creates a plan to help us shine among st our competitors.  She sits with her clients or potential clients finds out what they are trying to achieve and then delivers.” – Christine McBroom – Lanai Financial Solutions


“***** Wow! Kristin and Rob at The Rohans are the people you need to see if you want excellent support for your online marketing strategies! They listen to your needs and respond with excellent results! I would highly recommend this talented team!” – Kimber De Martin, Sign Authority


“Kristin was hired as Brasserie Bread’s first SEO specialist in early 2010. We have seen her hard work and results evolve positively with emerging trends in SEO and content. Intelligent, savvy and insightful, she is always taking initiative with her SEO strategies and optimistation recommendations, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I hope to be able to work with her in the future and look forward to watching how her business evolves.” — Mei Qi Tan, Interaction Designer at Workshare


“Kristin is expert in all things SEO and adds her personal touch to her work so I recommend her for business looking to move ahead online.” — Scott Donald, Helping Businesses Grow using Web Development, Custom Software, SEO & Adwords


“Kristin is a marvel for business help and strategic advice for your website. I’m delighted to be on the first page of Google ranking for the first time ever! I had a booking today from a lady who found me there.

My business has now entered a new phase with genuine results thanks to Kristin’s business and marketing acumen.

Kristin is generous, supportive, creative and stars as a keyword specialist. I would recommend Kristin for all your web marketing and strategic SEO needs. She is one Sassy and Special Lady.” — Robin Powis, Personal Branding Specialist and Image Consultant, Defining Style


“I first met Kristin at Coffee Mornings in Surry Hills, Sydney in 2008, an informal weekly networking group where she immediately made me feel welcome and introduced me to many new people. This is they key to understanding why Kristin is so special: she genuinely cares about other people and their success.

This extends to her professional clients and partners where I have observed first-hand Kristin’s growing SassySEO business and how she works tirelessly to ensure her clients are successful. Kristin delivers a first-class service, backed up by her diverse experience in marketing and media. Coupled with her infectious personality, she is someone you want to have on your team.

Do yourself a favour and connect with Kristin – I guarantee you will experience the benefits of doing so from the very first meeting.” — Tony Hollingsworth, Head of Community at Digivizer Pty Ltd, Social Media Advisor at Hannover Fairs Australia Pty Limited (CeBIT)


“The first problem you come across with SEO is that’s it’s not a tangible product. The second problem is the number of people claiming they can get you into Google’s top 3 rankings quickly, and the third problem is the large sums of money these so-called SEO experts want to extort from you.

What’s great about Kristin is that she wants your business to succeed as much as you do, without charging the earth. She’ll soon teach you that there are no SEO secrets or hidden tricks to work your way up Google’s rankings, just a well thought-out strategic plan working with Google and avoiding black-hat SEO at all costs.

Kristin’s knowledge of SEO is endless. This mixed with her personable manner and passion to educate others about the wonderful world of SEO makes her a delight to work with.

Her initial analysis of my website ( was fantastic. She understood my business requirements incredible quickly and her unbiased opinion and injection of long-term strategic thinking certainly opened my eyes.

What Kristin doesn’t know about SEO is not worth knowing.” — Holly Stanton, Strategic Account Manager at Adobe


“I have worked on a number of projects with Kristin and can vouch for her integrity, professionalism and amazing grasp of the complex subject of SEO.

Kristin provides unique web strategy advice due to such strong SEO skills which are key to a successful online presence.

Finally, Kristin is brilliant at client communication, super prompt responses to questions, supportive feedback and genuine moral support. I believe this is a rare attribute missing from many businesses right now.” — Tony Cosentino, WordPress developer for SME space, Radio host discussing Web technology


“Kristin produced solid results in her SEO campaigns for clients and for the company’s annual event. Her constructive approach analysed what was and wasn’t working from past campaigns which enabled fresh and concentrated campaign efforts.

Kristin’s marketing/PR experience was also invaluable in promoting and lifting the profile of the company’s conference at industry events. But above all, Kristin is so energising to work with that our projects together were just an absolute pleasure.” — Erietta Sapounakis, User Experience Designer and Consultant


“***** Sorting out how best to leverage my business’s online presence has been a bit of a mystery to me. In our initial consultation Kristin at The Rohans gave me specific, doable, action steps. She was able to help me streamline my focus so I can avoid aimless un-enjoyable hours in front of my computer… Hallelujah!
Kristin Rohan blends her savvy SEO and social media skills with a down to earth enjoyable demeanor. I left our meeting with a plan that I am excited to implement.  Thank you Kristin!” – Katie Briggs L.Ac., Resonation Acupuncture


“Kristin is a golden resource when it comes to social media and SEO, I appreciate that she has both a clear overview of how to achieve visibility for your website and a detailed plan to make it happen! I love working with her because she so obviously cares and is very generous with her time and expertise. Thanks, Kristin!” – Sally Wolfe, Book Manifesto


“Kristin Rohan is savvy. She has an excellent understanding of the internet world, which can be so confusing, especially in the marketing area. In her consultation with me, she also provides stradegies that make sense and helpful tools to apply. Her ability to connect with the person, her genuine support coupled with enthusiasm to bring forth the best for another is outstanding.” – Nicola Amadora PhD. – Leading like a Woman Trainings