Who is Sassy?

Kristin Rohan: The SassyAssassin…

I’ve re-written bio a million times (haven’t you done the same?) and here’s the short version…

I’m a secret weapon — untangling chaos in marketing so businesses can move at a Super Power P.A.C.E. I host The Sassy Assassin Super Power Hour  — where we step into our super powers and live our party!

My dream is to have a radio show — I have a playlist for every occasion as I orchestrate the perfect soundtrack for my life — and search for the story in every song…KAPOW!

If you are still with me, here’s some more stuff about me:

With 30+ amazing years of Leadership Training plus 25+ years of Marketing, Media, Sales and Business Experience (in Silicon Valley, Sydney, and Los Angeles — and NOW New Zealand!).

After those 20 years of corporate life, I founded SassySEO.com in Sydney in 2009 — to change the way women did business. After 6 years, though grateful for the success I had servicing my clients, I fell out of love with the business because I wasn’t creating the impact I dreamed.

I believe a lack of confidence keep women from being wildly successful so in 2016, SassySEO relaunched as SassyAssassin.com to address this.

My goal is to support, empower and celebrate all women and girls (and anyone else who wants to join the party!) – locally and globally.

My dream and passion is to connect women — to encourage ALL of us to lift each other up — while we are ensuring our businesses and careers are moving at a Super Power P.A.C.E.

Are you ready to step into your Super Power,  feel financially secure, more confident, successful, and excited about what you do everyday — and feel less stressed?

Contact me at kristin@therohans.com and let’s chit chat!

A super huge and sassy shout out to Archie Fagan who created the SassyAssassin – you can find out more about him here at Skull Force Comics. He rocks!


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